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Naruto CCG / TCG<br>Collectible Card Game<B><BR>NINJA COIN CARD<br>SPOILER LIST</B>

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Card Name Card # Rarity Effect Element Card Type
Naruto Uzumaki nC001 U (REMARKABLE GROWTH) Valid: Each Growth coin on this Ninja is treated as a Growth coin symbolizing +2/+2 instead of +1/+1. Lightning Ninja
Sasuke Uchiha nC002 C (AWAKENING) When this Ninja is put in play, place 1 Growth coin on it for each 'Sasuke Uchiha' in your Chakra area and Discard Pile. Fire Ninja
Sakura Haruno nC003 U (I'LL PROTECT THEM!) When this Ninja is sent out to Battle and opposed, you can flip a Ninja Blade coin; If it's heads, this Ninja's Team and your opponent's Team Battling against this Ninja's Team perform a Mental Power Battle during the turn. Wind Ninja
Shikamaru Nara nC004 C (FAKE!) Valid: When this Ninja becomes the user of a Jutsu card, flip a Ninja Blade coin; If it's heads and the effect of the Jutsu card is applied, move that Jutsu card to its original owner's hand instead. Earth Ninja
Rock Lee nC005 C (MIRACULOUS RECOVERY) Valid: When this Ninja is discarded as a result of the Showdown, flip a Ninja Blade coin; If it's heads, return this Ninja to your Village in injured status instead. Lightning Ninja
Kakashi Hatake nC006 U (THE MOST SKILLFUL NINJA IN THE LEAF VILLAGE) When this Ninja becomes the user of a Jutsu card, flip a Ninja Blade coin; If it's heads, every Chakra discarded as the card's Jutsu cost is returned from your Discard Pile to your Chakra area. Fire Ninja
Haku nC007 U (SUPERHUMAN SPEED) When this Ninja is put in play, flip a Ninja Blade coin; If it's heads, you can deploy 1 additional Ninja during the turn. Water Ninja
Itachi Uchiha nC008 U (RELENTLESS ATTACKS) If this Ninja's Team wins a Victory or an Outstanding Victory, flip a Ninja Blade coin; If it's heads, select up to 2 of the cards in your opponent's hand at random and discard them. Fire Ninja
Naruto Uzumaki & Gamabunta nC009 SR (ROLE REVERSAL) At the beginning of your turn, if you have no other Ninjas with an 'Oil' Combat Attribute besides this Ninja, flip a Ninja Blade coin; If it's tails, this Ninja cannot be sent out to Battle during the turn. Lightning/Water Ninja
Sasuke Uchiha & Sakura Haruno nC010 R (WHAT I SHOULD PROTECT) Valid: When this Ninja is changed to injured status as a result of the Showdown, you can discard 1 of your Battle Rewards. In that case, heal this Ninja and place 1 Growth coin on it. Fire/Wind Ninja
Neji Hyuga & Tenten nC011 R (RELIABLE COMPANION) While this Ninja's Team is Battling against your opponent's Team of 2 or more Ninjas, this Ninja gets +1/+1 during the turn. Earth/Wind Ninja
Kakashi Hatake & Iruka Umino nC012 R (WATCHING STUDENTS GROW) When this Ninja is sent out to Battle, all your in-play 'Leaf + Genin' Ninjas get +1/+1 during the turn. Fire/Lightning Ninja
Asuma Sarutobi & Kurenai Yuhi nC013 R (FIGHTING TOGETHER) While this Ninja is in your hand and you have 'Asuma Sarutobi' in play, this Ninja gets -1 Entrance cost. If this Ninja is put in play while you have 'Kurenai Yuhi' in play, place 1 Growth coin on this Ninja. Earth/Wind Ninja
Jiraiya & Tsunade nC014 SR (LIVING LEGENDS) The Power of every Ninja with an Entrance cost of 4 or less becomes 0/0 while they are Battling against this Ninja. Lightning/Wind Ninja
Pakkun & Tonton nC015 C (SPECIALISTS IN OLFACTORY DETECTION) Valid: When this Ninja is put in play, move up your Turn Marker by 1. Lightning/Wind Ninja
Zabuza Momochi & Haku nC016 R (TRAGIC BOND) Valid: While you have 'Haku' in your Chakra area, this Ninja cannot be the target of your opponent's Jutsu cards. Water/Wind Ninja


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