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(SPECIAL PURCHASE) Pokemon BW Emerging Powers POWER PLAY 60 Pokemon Card Deck <br><font color=red>NO BOX<br>CARDS ONLY</font> - Click to enlarge
With this purchase you will received the BW EMERGING POWERS 60 Pokemon Card Theme Deck "POWER PLAY". This deck is a SPECIAL "NO BOX" PURCHASE offered by so please read carefully. YOU WILL RECEIVE THE 60 POKEMON CARD DECK ONLY. THE DECK IS IN BRAND NEW CONDITION BUT DOES NOT COME SEALED AND DOES NOT CONTAIN THE NORMAL CONTENTS THAT IS USUALLY INCLUDED IN A SEALED DECK PURCHASE. We have removed the deck from the original packaging and will ship you the 60 cards in BRAND NEW UNUSED CONDITION, but you WILL NOT RECEIVE the other contents that normally come in sealed theme deck purchase. You will not receive the Damage Counters, Rule Book, Paper Playmat or Booster Pack.

What you will receive is the following 60 Pokemon Cards:

  • 1× Krookodile(Special Foil Version)
  • 1× Krookodile
  • 3× Krokorok
  • 4× Sandile
  • 1× Gigalith
  • 2× Boldore
  • 3× Roggenrola
  • 1× Beartic
  • 2× Cubchoo
  • 1× Swanna
  • 2× Ducklett
  • 2× Cinccino
  • 2× Minccino
  • 1× Basculin
  • 2× Throh
  • 2× Sawk

  • 2× Energy Search
  • 2× Potion
  • 2× Full Heal
  • 2× Great Ball
  • 2× Pokémon Communication
  • 2× Bianca

  • 12× Fighting Energy
  • 6× Water Energy

  • This deck consist of 1 complete 60 card deck. Many of the cards exist in multiples to provide a more enjoyable playing experience.
    Image is for display purpose only.
    POKEMON 2017 HOLIDAY BOX SPECIALS Cottondale, FL 32428

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