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SAND SIBLINGS Naruto Kage Summit 50 Card Theme Deck - Click to enlarge

SAND SIBLINGS Naruto Kage Summit 50 Card Theme Deck

Series 25 Kage Summit SAND SIBLINGS Starter Deck. This Wind Deck focuses on the Sand Village and uses its arsenal of Puppets to overwhelm its foes.

This Deck contains staple Wind Ninjas like “Kankuro (N-1092)” and “Matsuri (N-602)” which boasters your forces by adding key “Puppet” Ninja cards into you hand and powering each of them up. Cards like “Mizuki (Childhood) (N-847)” will disrupting your opponent’s plans and buys you time to play your powerful “Puppet” Ninjas.

“Puppet” Ninjas are some of the strongest cards around, but without a “Manipulation” Ninja they are just giant wooden dolls. Then it’s a good thing that this Starter contains all of the best “Manipulation” Ninjas like “Chiyo (N-1418)”, “Ebizo (N-663)”, and “Sasori (N-1420)”.

Are your looking for even more artillery? Then game finishers like “Gaara of the Desert (N-483)” and “Baki (N-130)” will have no problem avoiding your opponent’s weaker Ninjas while discarding a Ninja with every attack. Now that’s efficient.

One of the strongest Wind Jutsus can be found in the “Sand Sibling” Theme Deck, “Secret White Move: Chikamatsu’s Ten Puppets (J-504)”, can demolish an entire opposing Team for as cheap as 3 Chakra, and any of your “Manipulation” Ninjas with an Entrance Cost of 4 or more can use this legendary Jutsu!

One of the best and easiest combos to pull off with this Deck is by playing “Puppet Show (M-424)” to move 1 copy of “Crow”, “Black Ant”, and “Salamander” from your Deck to your Chakra Area. If you have the brand-new Set 25 “Sand Anbu (N-1479)” in your Village you’ll be able to deploy “Puppet” Ninjas from your Chakra Area like a normal deployment from your hand!

“Puppet” Ninjas can be difficult to battle against, their abilities can injure, damage, and trap (i.e. stand-by) other Ninjas. However, “Puppet” Ninjas can be defensive and “Salamander (N-1325)” is just one example. The Ninja’s effect can negate any Damage to a Ninja for 2 Chakra, combo this Ninja with “Chiyo (N-1418)” whom can net you 2 Chakra each turn and you have a nearly unbreakable stall engine.

The Sand Siblings 50 card checklist:

NINJA (30)
Turn 0 (10)
2x “Kankuro (N-1092)” – Unphased Assault
2x “Mizuki (Childhood) (N-847)” – Twisted Character
1x “Matsuri (N-602)” – Follower
2x “Epidemic Prevention Officer (N-1474)” – Healing Jutsu
1x “Crow (N-1321)” – Puppet
2x “Yaoki (N-1319)” – Sand Puppeteer

Turn 1 (4)
2x “Temari (N-US025)” – Wind Scythe
1x “Black Ant (N-1322)” – Puppet
1x “Crow (N-1086)” – Warrior of Wood

Turn 2 (5)
1x “Yashamaru (N-180)” – Sister’s Memento
2x “Salamander (N-1325)” – Puppet
2x “Gaara of the Desert (N-1267)”

Turn 3 (4)
1x “Naruto Uzumaki (N-1453)” – One’s Pride
2x “Ebizo (N-663)” – Return
1x “Sand Anbu (N-1479)” – Surprise Attack

Turn 4 (3)
2x “Chiyo (N-1418)” – Power of 10
1x “Kankuro (N-1481)” – Sand Bodyguard

Turn 5 (4)
1x “Temari (N-1484)” - Sand Bodyguard
1x “Sasori (N-1420)” – Master of Puppets
1x “Baki (N-130)” – Cleaning Up
1x “Gaara of the Desert (N-483)” – Dignity

2x “Puppet Show (M-424)”
2x “A Master’s Death (M-843)”
2x “Sasori of the Red Sand (M-375)”
2x “A Gift (M-815)”
3x “Loss (M-633)”

2x “Secret White Move: Chikamatsu’s Ten Puppets (J-504)”
2x “Substitution by Puppet (J-447)”
2x “Wind Scythe Jutsu (J-631)”
2x “Wind Style: Pressure Damage (J-914)”
1x “Sand Burial (J-100)”

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