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Magic Ruler (MRL) Complete Unlimited Edition English Yugioh 104 Card Set - Click to enlarge

With this purchase you will receive the Complete UNLIMITED EDITION English Yugioh MAGIC RULERS 104 Card Set. This set is in BRAND NEW CONDITION. Cards have NOT been played with. Cards were removed from booster packs, sorted and sleeved and put into the set so the cards have only been handled a very few times. Very nice set and hard to find. We only keep one set in stock at a time so it is first come first serve.

This set was printed by Upper Deck in the English version under the license of Konami so the set is the 100% authentic English version and tournament legal.

With this purchase you will receive 104 Yugioh MRL cards which breaks down as follows: 2 Secret Rare Holofoils, 10 Ultra Rare Holofoils, 10 Super Rare Holofoils, 17 Rares, 65 Commons

You will receive ONE of each of the following cards:
  • MRL-000 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Secret Rare
  • MRL-001 Penguin Knight Common
  • MRL-002 Axe of Despair Ultra Rare
  • MRL-003 Black Pendant Super Rare
  • MRL-004 Horn of Light Common
  • MRL-005 Malevolent Nuzzler Common
  • MRL-006 Spellbinding Circle Ultra Rare
  • MRL-007 Metal Fish Common
  • MRL-008 Electric Snake Common
  • MRL-009 Queen Bird Common
  • MRL-010 Ameba Rare
  • MRL-011 Peacock Common
  • MRL-012 Mahar Vailo Super Rare
  • MRL-013 Guardian of the Throne Room Common
  • MRL-014 Fire Kraken Common
  • MRL-015 Minar Common
  • MRL-016 Griggle Common
  • MRL-017 Tyhone #2 Common
  • MRL-018 Ancient One of the Deep Forest Common
  • MRL-019 Dark Witch Common
  • MRL-020 Weather Report Common
  • MRL-021 Mechanical Snail Common
  • MRL-022 Giant Turtle Who Feeds on Flames Common
  • MRL-023 Liquid Beast Common
  • MRL-024 Hiro's Shadow Scout Rare
  • MRL-025 High Tide Gyojin Common
  • MRL-026 Invader of the Throne Super Rare
  • MRL-027 Whiptail Crow Common
  • MRL-028 Slot Machine Common
  • MRL-029 Relinquished Ultra Rare
  • MRL-030 Red Archery Girl Common
  • MRL-031 Gravekeeper's Servant Common
  • MRL-032 Curse of Fiend Common
  • MRL-033 Upstart Goblin Common
  • MRL-034 Toll Common
  • MRL-035 Final Destiny Common
  • MRL-036 Snatch Steal Ultra Rare
  • MRL-037 Chorus of Sanctuary Common
  • MRL-038 Confiscation Super Rare
  • MRL-039 Delinquent Duo Ultra Rare
  • MRL-040 Darkness Approaches Common
  • MRL-041 Fairy's Hand Mirror Common
  • MRL-042 Tailor of the Fickle Common
  • MRL-043 Rush Recklessly Rare
  • MRL-044 The Reliable Guardian Common
  • MRL-045 The Forceful Sentry Ultra Rare
  • MRL-046 Chain Energy Common
  • MRL-047 Mystical Space Typhoon Ultra Rare
  • MRL-048 Giant Trunade Super Rare
  • MRL-049 Painful Choice Super Rare
  • MRL-050 Snake Fang Common
  • MRL-051 Black Illusion Ritual Super Rare
  • MRL-052 Octoberser Common
  • MRL-053 Psychic Kappa Common
  • MRL-054 Horn of the Unicorn Rare
  • MRL-055 Labyrinth Wall Common
  • MRL-056 Wall Shadow Common
  • MRL-057 Twin Long Rods #2 Common
  • MRL-058 Stone Ogre Grotto Common
  • MRL-059 Magical Labyrinth Common
  • MRL-060 Eternal Rest Common
  • MRL-061 Megamorph Ultra Rare
  • MRL-062 Commencement Dance Common
  • MRL-063 Hamburger Recipe Common
  • MRL-064 House of Adhesive Tape Common
  • MRL-065 Eatgaboon Common
  • MRL-066 Turtle Oath Common
  • MRL-067 Performance of Sword Common
  • MRL-068 Hungry Burger Common
  • MRL-069 Crab Turtle Common
  • MRL-070 Ryu-Ran Common
  • MRL-071 Manga Ryu-Ran Rare
  • MRL-072 Toon Mermaid Ultra Rare
  • MRL-073 Toon Summoned Skull Ultra Rare
  • MRL-074 Jigen Bakudan Common
  • MRL-075 Hyozanryu Rare
  • MRL-076 Toon World Super Rare
  • MRL-077 Cyber Jar Rare
  • MRL-078 Banisher of the Light Super Rare
  • MRL-079 Giant Rat Rare
  • MRL-080 Senju of the Thousand Hands Rare
  • MRL-081 UFO Turtle Rare
  • MRL-082 Flash Assailant Common
  • MRL-083 Karate Man Rare
  • MRL-084 Dark Zebra Common
  • MRL-085 Giant Germ Rare
  • MRL-086 Nimble Momonga Rare
  • MRL-087 Spear Cretin Common
  • MRL-088 Shining Angel Rare
  • MRL-089 Boar Soldier Common
  • MRL-090 Mother Grizzly Rare
  • MRL-091 Flying Kamakiri #1 Rare
  • MRL-092 Ceremonial Bell Common
  • MRL-093 Sonic Bird Common
  • MRL-094 Mystic Tomato Rare
  • MRL-095 Kotodama Common
  • MRL-096 Gaia Power Common
  • MRL-097 Umiiruka Common
  • MRL-098 Molten Destruction Common
  • MRL-099 Rising Air Current Common
  • MRL-100 Luminous Spark Common
  • MRL-101 Mystic Plasma Zone Common
  • MRL-102 Messenger of Peace Super Rare
  • MRL-103 Serpent Night Dragon Secret Rare

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